This week's UK news: 11 January 2013
11 January 2013

Homes more dangerous than roads, says research

Twice as many people in the UK die after accidents in their houses than in road crashes.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, which is a charity, says that during the last 20 years the numbers of deaths on the roads has fallen by about a third to just over 2,000. During the same time, fatal accidents in the home have risen by more than half to about 5,000 a year.

Most deaths in the home are caused by falls. The next largest number are caused by poisoning, usually by gas from a faulty boiler or heater. More than half of people dying in accidents at home are under 65.

Pop comeback takes UK by storm

David Bowie was a well-known and very influential pop star of the 1970s and 1980s. His image changed several times, as did his musical styles.

However, for the past decade he has refused all offers of work, including performing during the London Olympics opening ceremony. Most people thought he had retired, though there were rumours that he had health problems.

But this week, on his 66th birthday, the artist quietly released a new single on to the internet, and announced details of a new album to come later. This came as a huge surprise, and UK newspapers, TV and radio spent a lot of time discussing the news. It was even a major item on serious news programmes.

UK doctor finishes the world's hottest curry

The Widower is a curry made at a restaurant in Lincolnshire, England. It is hotter than police-issue pepper spray, and so dangerous to make that chefs wear goggles and face masks.

Last week a doctor, called Ian Rothwell, became the first person to eat the whole dish. He is the 300th person to try it.

It took the doctor an hour to finish his curry. At one point he had to walk out of the restaurant because he was imagining things which weren't there, but his wife found him in the street and he returned. Dr Rothwell was in tears when he swallowed the last mouthful of the chicken curry.

Muhammed Karim of the Bindi restaurant said most people managed to eat seven mouthfuls before giving up. "We've had people sweating, crying, shaking and vomiting. We even had to ring an ambulance once."

Celebrity abused children for 50 years, report says

Late last year, there was a lot of publicity about a celebrity called Jimmy Savile, who had died in 2011. During his life Savile had been well known for raising money for charity, helping in hospitals, and presenting TV programmes for children.

A year after his death a TV programme revealed what some people had suspected. Savile had been sexually abusing the children and ill adults he met through his work in hospitals and on TV. Once this information became public, many people reported their own experiences to the police and a children's charity.

Now a report by the police and the charity says that Savile committed offences at 13 hospitals, including a famous children's hospital in London. Victims were boys and girls as young as 8, and nearly three-quarters were under 18. More than 214 crimes were committed by the celebrity. Experts think nobody else in the UK has ever abused so many people.

The police officer in charge of the report said Savile had used his celebrity status to "hide in plain sight" and lessons should be learned. 


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