This week's UK news: 15 February 2013
15 February 2013

Queen "can't run with her crown on"

An artist who has painted portraits of the Royal Family has told a few of his secrets.

Richard Stone, who has painted Royal portraits for the past 40 years, said that on one occasion the Queen arrived with her jewelled head-dress around her arm. "She said it was very difficult to run with it on her head," said Mr Stone. He said that the Queen had also taken off her shoes to run down the corridors.

Mr Stone also revealed that the Queen's husband loves the Royal art collections. When he was newly engaged to the Queen, Prince Philip used to wait until everyone had gone to bed and then creep around the Palace to look at the paintings with a torch.

James Bond film finally wins award

The BAFTAs are the big British film and TV awards. They were held in London during a huge rain storm this week, which meant that famous actors and actresses walked up the red carpet in coats to keep warm and dry.

For the first time since 1963, a James Bond film won an award. Last time it was a filming award for From Russia With Love. This time, Skyfall won the Outstanding British Film award and also one for best original music for the theme song, performed by Adele.

Les Miserables and the Life of Pi also won awards, and British actor Daniel Day-Lewis took home Best Actor prize for his part in Lincoln.

Horse hits the headlines

Horsemeat is the big story this week in the UK. This is because horsemeat has been found in food which is supposed to be made of beef. Horse is not listed in the ingredients.

So far the meat has been discovered in burgers, lasagne, and bolognaise sauce and urgent checks are being made on many supermarket products.

Although horsemeat is eaten in other parts of Europe, many people in the UK do not like the idea of this and would not willingly eat horse. The other problem is that it is not clear if the horsemeat in these products is fit to be eaten at all.

Pakistani schoolgirl leaves hospital

Malala Yousafzai was brought to the UK for medical treatment after the Taliban tried to murder her for promoting girls' education. She was shot in the head and a bullet grazed her brain.

Malala has been treated in the UK for several months, and had a final operation in Birmingham last weekend. She is now well enough to leave hospital and will live in the UK as her father has been given a job here with the Pakistani government.
Malala has now set up a charity to support her campaign for children's right to education.


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