How to sell a UK education

There are many good reasons to recommend learning English in the UK to your clients and their families. Around 600,000 people come here every year to study English: that's an estimated 43 per cent of all the students who travel abroad to learn or improve their English.

The main reason for this is that the UK is the home of the English language, and is renowned for the high quality of its education system.

But there are many other reasons for choosing Britain that students and their families may not have considered.

Here are a few of them:

  • It has the best choice of English language courses anywhere in the world and British qualifications are internationally recognised.
  • The UK is an exciting place to live, with a rich mix of history, culture and global influences. Most students love it here. They tell us how friendly British people are, and enjoy the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the people they meet.
  • Students who come here to study English are far more likely to get a place at a UK university and continue their education here.
  • The UK is a fantastic base for travelling and exploration. Britain is a comparatively small country with good travel links: there is lots to see and do here. Excellent transport links also make the UK a perfect base to explore Europe.

Ask an expert… one of our students

Here's what students have told English UK about their experiences studying at one of our member schools:

Ilia Mamagulashvili is 16 and originally comes from Georgia, although his family have recently settled in the UK and he is a UK citizen. He is studying intermediate English at United World 2 School of English in Bournemouth. " I am really enjoying it and I love everybody here. I am having the best time in my life. It's about the people and making new friends and everything is nice."

Christina Moneo, 18, from Madrid in Spain was studying English for six months at English UK member British Study Centres Brighton. She said: "The school is very professional. I couldn't speak English now I can have a conversation with you. The teachers are very nice and can help you if you have a problem. They are my friends now.

"I like the parties. You go out, dancing and talking.

"My best friend was here for two weeks and loved it here too. I want to come back here because it's amazing."

Read more of what our students say in our student profiles section.

Don't just study in the UK: come to an English UK member centre

Selling courses at our 460-plus members centres are an even safer option, with many extra benefits. They include:

  • Our centres are all accredited under the Accreditation UK scheme which we run with the British Council. This has led the way in demanding rigorous standards of teaching, centre management and student welfare.
  • Our accredited courses guarantee quality, and are great value for money
  • A very high degree of protection. It is very rare for centres to close unexpectedly, but if this does happen we make sure that students can complete their course nearby, and we cover the cost of any accommodation which has been paid for but not used.