Life in the UK

What is it like to study and live in the UK?

The United Kingdom (UK) is a welcoming and friendly place to live, and it is a fun place to study English!

Improve your English, make new friends, try new food, and spend your weekends visiting our famous cities and attractions. 

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Daily life in the UK

Eating in the UK

It is easy to find good food in the UK and we have some of the world's top restaurants.

Lots of cheap restaurants, and food markets, are available for students on a budget. It is possible to try food from all over the world, even in small towns. Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican food are all very popular.

Traditional British food includes fish and chips, full English breakfast, Sunday roast dinners, Yorkshire pudding, cornish pasties, cream tea, pies, haggis, local cheese, and of course plenty of tea and cake. 

Supermarkets are good places to find cheap options for lunch and snack, to reduce the cost of living. See the British Council's tips on eating well, and cheaply, in the UK.

Weather in the UK

Does it always rain the UK? Not usually! The UK has lots of different weather, sometimes it rains, sometimes it is sunny and beautiful.

Money in the UK

The UK uses its own currency, called the pound (£). Cash machines (ATMs) are easy to find and are usually free to use.

You can pay by debit or credit card almost everywhere in the UK. Cash is usually required at very small shops, outdoor markets, some pubs and cafes, local buses and for taxis.


Exploring a new country

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British sightseeing and attractions

The UK is home to some of the world's top museums and art galleries, music venues and theatres.

Outside the cities there is beautiful countryside and many castles, historic houses, parks and gardens.

Language centres usually organise student social programmes which will include visits to the UK's popular destinations. Typical trips often include Stonehenge, Oxford, Cambridge, London, York and Edinburgh.

Where can you study English in the UK?

The UK is a union of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 62 million people live in the UK. Most people live in England, which is the largest of the four countries.

There are over 100 different cities and towns with English language centres in the UK. Each destination offers something unique, so every student can find the perfect place to study.

Public transport in the UK

The UK is small country with lots to see, and it is easy to use public transport to explore. Trains are the fastest way to travel, especially for long journeys. Book your tickets in advance for the cheapest prices.

Coaches are often the cheapest way to explore the UK – you can travel between major cities for as little as £5.

Airport transfers - when you arrive in the UK

If you want someone to meet you at the airport, you can book an airport taxi transfer through your language school.

If you are travelling from the airport by public transport, there will be coach services and sometimes a train service. In London there are express train service – these are the fastest option but they are more expensive than slower travel options.


People in the UK

Diversity in the UK

The UK has a very diverse population - people from all over the world live here. There are many different international communities, and international students will feel welcome.

The UK is a tolerant society, and it is illegal to discriminate against people because of their race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability.

Different accents in the UK

There are different regional accents in the UK. A person from Edinburgh will sound a little different to a person from Bristol. Students do not need to worry about this. Teachers and host families will always speak very clearly for students, and local accents are useful helpful and friendly.

English is a global language, and it is an important skill to be able to understand different English accents from around the UK, and the world!