Board and AGM papers

The board of English UK and the chief executive are responsible for the conduct of the association's business outside the annual general meeting (AGM).

The main board has 12 seats including a chair and vice-chair. Members serve for a maximum of three years, and at least one-third of the serving members retire each year. Elections to the board take place at the AGM, part of the English UK Annual Conference held in May.

We encourage members to participate as fully as possible in the association by participating in elections to the board, surveys, lobbying, conferences and the AGM. All members are invited to our Annual Conference & AGM.

The English UK Board appoints five subsidiary bodies: the English UK Accreditation and Professional Services Board; English UK Enterprises Board; Finance Panel; Nominations Committee; and Public Affairs Advisory Group.

AGM meeting minutes

We strongly encourage all member centres to attend this annual event, which takes place in London each May, not only for the conference programme but to make your voice heard.

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