Governance & rulebook

English UK governance: board elections, board minutes and rulebook

The English UK Board of Trustees sets the direction of the association and guides the work of the English UK team. 

Visit our boards and advisory groups page to view current board members.

This page explains the board election process for members. You can find more details in the English UK rulebook.

Board elections

There are ten elected places on the board of trustees and up to two unelected places.

The Representation, Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement Committee (RIDEC) may propose up to two additional directors be appointed if, after an election, they feel the board's composition does not adequately reflect the diversity of English UK's membership. The additional directors would be appointed to broaden representation and diversity.

2024 board election

Four seats on our board of trustees were up for election this May. New trustees will serve for three years from May 2024 to May 2027.

2024 board candidates:

  • Faeza Afzal​, Commercial Director, The London School of English
  • Céline Aloé​, CEO​, UKLC Education Group
  • Bob Dignen​, Director, York Associates International
  • Shoko Doherty​, CEO​, Celtic English Academy (elected)
  • Fiona Dunlop​, Principal​, Wimbledon School of English
  • Michael Glenn-Kerran​, Global Camps Manager​, Alpadia Language Schools
  • Jon Halligan​, Director​, Bucksmore Education
  • Basil Hanna​, Director, Regional Sales, MEA, UKI​, Kaplan International
  • James Herbertson​, Director​, Bayswater Education (elected)
  • Sian Matos​, Head of Operations, UK & Ireland​, English Path
  • Will Nash​, Head of Operations & Business Development (interim)​, ELTC, The University of Sheffield
  • Victoria Paterson​, International Business Manager​, Edinburgh College (elected)
  • Jackie Pilkington​, Director​, Emerald Cultural Institute (UK)​
  • Justin Quinn​, CEO​, Centre of English Studies (elected)
  • Duncan Reith​, Principal​, St Clare's, Oxford
  • Corinne Taylor​, General Manager, Professional Language Solutions
  • Simon Thorley​, CEO​, InTuition Languages
  • Steve Tulk​, Principal​, Stafford House London
  • Slavenka Vukovic-Bryan​, Managing Director, Founder & Co-owner, Languages United
  • Leon Zhang​, CEO​, KKCL English

How to vote:

  • The primary contact from each centre will receive a link to the Choice Voting platform on Friday 19 April​
  • The election is held under the Alternative Vote: each voter ranks candidates in order of preference (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.)​ and voters can rank as many candidates as they wish
  • Details of the 20 candidates including their bio, statement and video are on the voting platform Choice Voting​
  • The primary contact at each member centre will receive an email from Choice Voting on Friday 19 April, which is when voting will open​​​
  • Voting will close at 23:59 on Friday 3 May​
  • The election results will be announced at the AGM on Friday 17 May.

Board member responsibilities

Trustees serve a term of three years. They can stand again for a second term. 

The board meets four to five times a year in London. In-person attendance is encouraged but you can also join online. Members are expected to contribute to discussions and working groups between meetings.

Members of the board of trustees become directors and trustees of English UK Ltd.

Increasing representation on the board

We want our boards to represent the range of language centre types, UK regions they operate in, and the diversity of people working in UK ELT. We encourage members to consider this when they vote.

Our Representation, Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement Committee (RIDEC) works to support this aim. They have the right to appoint two additional board members by invitation.


English UK Rulebook

Our rulebook explains English UK's management structure and processes relating to:

  • membership admission and subscriptions
  • rights and obligations of membership
  • suspensions and terminations
  • board elections and meetings
  • customer protection and the settlement of disputes.

English UK's board of trustees controls the rulebook.

Board of Trustees meeting minutes

Minutes from board meetings are available to member centres only. You'll need your member login to access them.  



To request minutes of meetings held before 2023 contact