Recent travel advisory warnings
12 October 2010

Visitors to the UK are being reassured about their safety after the US issued a travel alert about Europe last week.

The American government issued a travel "advisory" warning of possible terror attacks in Europe, and urging its citizens to be "cautious" when travelling. But Americans were not urged to avoid Europe, and the advice is not at the highest level of alert.

"We're not saying don't travel to Europe. We are not saying don't visit... major tourist attractions or historic sites or monuments," Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary of state, told reporters.

However, the official threat level in the UK has remained unchanged since January 2010, and has not been revised as a result of the warnings about Europe. British people and visitors have been going about their lives as normal.

British Home Secretary Theresa May said the protection of visitors to the UK and British citizens was the Government's "most important duty".

The UK and Japan have updated their own travel advice to warn of possible attacks in Europe, and many European countries have reviewed their own alert levels.

The revised travel advice is a result of warnings about an alleged al-Qaeda plot, which the security services in Europe believe they have foiled.


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