Advice for centres taking students on trips to Paris or nearby
19 January 2015

There are restrictions and security advice for anyone leading educational trips to Paris in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the city.

The France Tourism Development Agency says all school group visits are banned in the regions of Paris and Picardy. While groups can still travel to France and stay in hotels, cultural sites such as the Louvre are not likely to accept such bookings. This is part of the security measures implemented in France after the attacks in the capital.

The ban, which applies to Amiens, Paris, Versailles and Creteil, applies until further notice. The security measures also require schools and universities to report protest and public gatherings to the authorities, puts guards on the doors of schools, and suspends trips, stays, school outings and extra-curricular activities. Schools and educational institutions are also asked to be particularly vigilant about students' bags.

Read the full security notice (French) and the UK Government's travel advice for further information.

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