On the road for work? No time to eat and exercise properly?
26 January 2015

On the road for work? No time to eat and exercise properly? Then make sure you're in our final session at the Marketing Conference in February when lifestyle wellness expert Celynn Erasmus is going to outline the things busy people can do to improve health and perform better at work.

Celynn is promising to take us through her Wellculator, which she describes as a tool "aimed specifically at busy people which gives you very practical advice on what you could be doing to manage performance and give you lots of energy." She'll talk about strategic hydration and nutrition throughout the day (and your current KitKats and coffee probably don't count).

She's also promising to teach techniques to build in useful little bits of movement during the working day when people don't have time to go for a run or to hit the gym. "They're powerful strategies to help you perform better  in meetings, based on the latest scientific evidence," she says, adding that they are perfect for people who are "time poor and stress rich", and those who are constantly on the road.

She'll also take us though behavioural science to show us how to change habits, and get the audience to try out some of her techniques. She says: "I've had a lot of feedback about increased energy, and I work with a lot of leadership teams who tell me that staff feel cared for when they introduce some of my ideas."

Find out more about the English UK Marketing Conference 2015, including the provisional programme and bookings, held at the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel on Friday 6 February.


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