Student Interview: Yoshinobu Murata
28 May 2015

Yoshinobu Murata is 30 and comes from Japan. He was on a year-long course at Shane Global in Hastings. Find out more about learning English in South & South East England.

What made you want to study English here?

I wanted to improve my English. My priority was to be in an English-speaking country and feel the culture. My next priority was price. It was easy to choose to study at Shane in Hastings because it was less expensive than London.

Are you enjoying yourself in the UK?

Yes. I am enjoying my course. And also this country likes motor racing and Formula One. I really enjoy watching Formula One racing and people definitely know about it here.

Also it's quite close to Europe and easy to get around European countries. I've travelled to over 10 countries and I am going to do four more before I go back to Japan.

It's been life-changing. I have very much enjoyed staying in England and travelling round Europe and knowing about British culture.

Have you travelled much round the UK itself?

Yes, I've been to Liverpool, Manchester, Stonehenge, Bath – I don't think I've spent a weekend here in Hastings.

Is there anything you don't like?

The weather is a big problem. It's indecisive and changeable and very windy. I was very surprised by that. And I don't like the food and have found it difficult to adapt. My host family mostly feed me other food, such as pasta, Turkish and Arabic food.

How will you use your new English skills?

I will have to find a new job and I hope to use my English in that. I've got a degree in business and information, and I had a job for seven years.

If I don't get a new job I will go round Asian countries where English is very useful and it's easy to get around. I really want to carry on travelling.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

Yes, but I came here when I was 30 and most people have got married. I would recommend it to single people.


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