Very different and very beautiful: student interview on studying in Northern Ireland
5 July 2016

Cesar Fernandez is 28 and from Segitiga in Mexico. He studied general English at English UK member South Eastern Regional College in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. 

What made you come to study in Northern Ireland?

I always thought I would go to the UK, probably London or Manchester but now I think Belfast is the best place - I had family there a long time ago and encouraged me to visit Northern Ireland.

Why did you want to improve your English?

Here in Mexico we compete with so many people who have English as a second language. It was my objective to improve my accent so I could improve my work. 

My English was very basic. I don't think I had many words. I was working on an airline and didn't understand sparkling water when people asked for that. I started to learn new words, so many words. I hadn't really studied rather than listening top people and that was my method.

What did you think about your college?

I liked the people there. They were all so nice to me. The students were from other countries so it was easy for me to relate to people and get on with my colleagues, and it made me speak English.

What did you think about Northern Ireland?

It's very different and very beautiful. I didn't know anything about Northern Ireland, only that the Titanic was built in Belfast, so it was very impressive for me to see all the beauty.

What did you like best?

The cities are beautiful the weather is a little oppressive but it is a wonderful place to stay.

The people were so special for me. I met and talked with many people in Belfast, and some who who had never met a tourist before. And I remember a couple of pubs that were very nice. 

Did improving your English help you in your career?

Yes. I had an interview in English and I got the job. I am the parts manager for a truck company. It is very good for me.

Would you recommend studying in Northern Ireland to other students?

Yes. Your English will be improved 100 per cent.


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