Getenergy in London, 23-25 March 2009
12 February 2009


Getenergy events bring together oil and gas companies with those who provide education and training for the global energy industry.  Topics covered at the events range across the whole spectrum of education/industry relationships (management, leadership, engineering and technology, technician training, health and safety, finance, and communication skills), with the aim of improving relationships between education and industry, and developing more effective learning and development programmes.

The Getenergy event in London will be the 5th annual meeting concerned with the upstream (exploration and production) side of the industry (Houston 2005, Dubai 2006 and 2007, and London 2008). The 2008 London event involved 800 delegates from 42 countries.  A report on the event can be found here.

The 2009 Event

The 2009 event will be a combination of an exhibition (the Learning Arena) and a series of facilitated meetings on topics concerning the industry/education relationship.  It should be of interest to UK colleges, universities, and training providers active in relations with industry and in regional economic development, and particularly those delivering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, technical and vocational education, and professional development for the energy industry world wide.  There is scope for companies, colleges, and universities to take exhibition stands or attend as delegates.

There will also be sessions outlining the education and training provision available in a number of oil producing countries including the UK. These sessions will highlight the way in which the industry is currently served by education and training institutions in the public sector and, where relevant, by training companies and consultancies in the private sector, including training services supplied by domestic and international oil and gas companies. They will include international links between the countries' universities, colleges and training providers and companies from overseas partners as well as future plans for meeting the skills and professional development needs of the country. Where appropriate, the sessions will also cover local content requirements in education, training, and technology transfer.


Getenergy has agreed to give English UK members a 20% discount on all day passes for the event. This means that the cost of a delegate pass for a participant for the three days of the event will be £576 (plus VAT) and for one day £220 (plus VAT).

Registration can be made online or via the downloadable form. To ensure the discount is received, please use this unique code: GTSA.

Details of the programme and of the event itself are on the Getenergy website, or for further information, please contact Silvia Coelho on 020 7096 5603.


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