Wimbledon School of English - Observation Training Day, 16th May
5 May 2009


A one day training session and workshop led by Fiona Dunlop, Director of Studies at Wimbledon School of English, will take place on Saturday 16th May. This is aimed at senior teachers, AdoSes and summer course coordinators who wish to improve their teacher observation skills. Participants will learn how to identify different types of observation, give feedback, measure progress and will discover the importance of observation as a developmental tool.

Participants will be also able to share their views and experiences with peers from other schools and will learn a variety of observation templates and useful hints which they will be able to put to immediate use.


For more information please click here.

To request an application form or any further information please contact :

Fiona Dunlop
Wimbledon School of English
41 Worple Road
London SW19 4JZ

T : 020 8947 1921
F:  020 8944 0275
E: fiona@wimbledon-school.ac.uk


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