New application forms, guidance and Visa Letter templates
2 June 2009

The UKBA uploaded revised versions of the application forms for Tier 4 and the accompanying guidance notes to their website on Monday 1 June. The following documents are available to download:

These forms should be used for applications made on or after Monday 1 June 2009 from within the United Kingdom. The forms for applications from overseas are available on the visa services website.

The UKBA has also developed some visa letter example templates. Each example contains the correct information for the scenario it represents, and is intended to aide in the preparation of Visa Letters when used together with the Sponsor Guidance.

Please note that these are examples only of how a Sponsor might meet the requirements of the Visa Letter laid out in the Sponsor Guidance. The examples are not mandatory and schools need not use or refer to them if they have already issued Visa Letters which comply with the Sponsor Guidance requirements.

The example Visa Letters can be found at the following links on the UKBA website:

As well as these examples, you may also find the Visa Letter checklist and Sponsor Guidance helpful:

Please make sure that all of your Visa Letters have all required information before you issue them to potential students.


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