Guidance for members on submitting invoices to Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau
22 March 2023

Guidance for members on submitting invoices to Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau

Do you receive students sponsored by Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau (SACB)?

If so, please see updated guidance from SACB on submitting invoices. We trust that the revised arrangements and named contact will help you to resolve payment issues more smoothly in future.

Here are some additional notes from us:

1. Please make sure that your invoicing procedure follows the instructions in the guidance precisely and includes all the requested information. Otherwise, you won't get paid

2. Note that processing time is now approximately eight weeks, so only follow up on unpaid invoices after this time. Our understanding is that invoices are approved at SACB Chiswick and then couriered to the Ministry of Finance in Riyadh for payment

3. SACB have confirmed that there is currently a £300 per week cap on tuition fees

4. For outstanding invoices up to the end of November 2022, please put all relevant information on a spreadsheet and send to Once outstanding payments are checked and approved, payment will take approximately 8 weeks to process

5. Your spreadsheet should include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Student's full name

  • Student's 10 digit Saudi ID number (you may not have this information for some older invoices)

  • The Financial Guarantee (FG) number

  • Course name and level

  • Period covered DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY

6. For students who have taken more than one course with you, list each course for the same student separately

7. If you have difficulties (e.g.) in matching past payments to invoices, or have a significant number of payments outstanding, we recommend making an appointment to visit the SACB in Chiswick by contacting Muhammed Al-Okaidi:

If you are still encountering difficulties with payments, or have any further queries you would like us to take up, please email English UK's membership director Huan Japes and we can escalate to our contacts within the SACB.

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