Insights into Saudi Arabia: Strategies for UK ELT providers to attract Saudi students
2 November 2023

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Insights into Saudi Arabia: Strategies for UK ELT providers to attract Saudi students

English UK-British Council launch of the English Language Market Report Saudi Arabia 2023 | Tuesday 14 November (Online) 

The UK attracts nearly 60% of all out-bound English language student weeks from Saudi Arabia, according to new research commissioned by English UK and the British Council. The results show a notable 22% rise in the number of self-funded Saudi students who wish to learn English in the UK. 

These are just some of the findings revealed in a research report, which will be launched on Tuesday 14 November, during a dedicated webinar exclusively open to accredited UK ELT centres.  

In light of recent transformations in Saudi Arabia, the landscape for students considering the UK as a study destination has evolved. Saudi students' preferences have altered, as have the financial support mechanisms they rely on.  The research will help UK language centres gain a deeper understanding of these market trends and they will be able to leverage the report findings to tailor their offer effectively. 

The full report will be distributed to all accredited language centres after the launch webinar. 

Discover strategies for UK ELT providers to attract Saudi students

Join the launch on Tuesday 14 November to obtain valuable research-based guidance:

  • Discover the status of self-funded Saudi students interested in studying English in the UK
  • Learn how UK language teaching centres can create a fulfilling learning experience that aligns with the preferences of Saudi students
  • Understand the necessary marketing and recruitment adjustments that can make a significant impact in Saudi Arabia
  • Explore effective business practices for navigating the growing education agency market
  • Determine how much effort language centres should invest in building relationships in regional areas. 

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The extensive research conducted by BONARD included input from over 170 organisations and individuals, including accredited UK language centres, leading education agencies, government officials and market insiders. 

Speaker profiles 

Patrik Pavlacic 1

Patrik Pavlacic is the Chief Intelligence Officer at BONARD, an independent market research and advisory firm specialising in international education. He oversees company's strategic research activities and the development of sector-specific growth strategies.  

Patrik is a frequent speaker on the topic of macrotrends that shape the future of international education sectors and data-driven approaches to student recruitment. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 industry publications and is a member of ESOMAR World Research and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. 

thumbnail Kristina Benedikova bcgrnd

Kristina Benedikova is an International Education Analyst at BONARD. Kristina specializes in data collection and interpretation within the global English language teaching market. She has a deep understanding of the objectives and goals of BONARD's clients, and she offers them valuable insights that are essential for their ongoing business growth. These insights help clients create strategies for entering and establishing themselves in the market. 



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The launch event will be held online on Tuesday 14 November 2023 and will run from 15:00 to 16:00 GMT on Zoom. 

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