Changes to Gibbs Denly Insurance
4 November 2010

Following recent discussions on the English UK forum regarding Gibbs Denley's insurance for non-EEA students, they would like to let members know the following:

Our Insurer, Ace Insurance, has been advised that due to recent FSA requirements, travel insurance transacted by an individual outside the EEA is not at present permitted. This restriction only applies to our retail online product i.e the website banner link and not Studentguard+ and Studentguard+ group, as these policies are commercial products transacted within the UK. 

I would like to confirm that all NON-EEA students who already have arranged insurance through us are fully covered, however, if schools require to cover NON-EEA students in the future they can apply for a commercial policy through us and details of how to proceed with this will follow by email to all schools shortly.      


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