Free online demo of the English UK Campus!
17 March 2011

4500 activities are at your fingertips. Come and find out what the English UK Campus is and how to get access to it.

Join us for a short online demo introducing you to the wonders of the English UK Campus. The English Campus contains over 4500 Macmillan author written activities and allows you to build your own courses and tests. You can follow your students' progress and keep in touch using the Messages Box. On top of this, there is a new area which allows you to upload your own files and share them with your class.

If you would like to have a look, come along to one of our short online demos on the following dates and times:

  • 16 May: 10:00 UK time
  • 16 May: 15:00 UK time
  • 17 May: 09:00 UK time
  • 17 May: 14:00 UK time
  • 18 May: 11:00 UK time
  • 18 May: 16:00 UK time
  • 19 May: 12:00 UK time
  • 19 May: 17:00 UK time
  • 20 May: 11:00 UK time
  • 20 May: 13:00 UK time 


To attend any of these sessions please click here and select one of the dates and times  from the list above. This link will take you to the online meeting room we will be using for the demos. You can try it anytime from now to check the computer you will be using can access it.

If you have any problems accessing the link or any other questions, please email Sarah Milligan from Macmillan English Campus at


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