Students party with English UK and Lost in London
25 August 2011

More than 2,000 English language students had an unforgettable evening at an event co-hosted by English UK and corporate member Lost in London.

Fiestaval, at Proud 2 on 30 July, featured samba dancers, Brazilian drummers, aerial performers, jugglers, beat boxers and many other eye-catching performers from different cultures. It attracted students from all over London and the South.

Tristan Bailey of Lost in London, which organises weekly parties as well as larger events, said: 'We've been organising large scale events for language schools for years but this is the first we've done in collaboration with English UK.

'We wanted a celebration of different cultures under one roof and used performers from different nationalities to create an international party feel.

'Bringing happy, like-minded students together from around the world, in an awesome and safe environment, always creates an unbelievable atmosphere. This is why our parties are so popular."

He added: 'Our aim is to create a party environment that students may never get anywhere else in London or even back in their native country.'

Jodie Gray, senior international manager at English UK, said: 'English UK hasn't been involved with anything like this before, but it was a fantastic night and the students really enjoyed it.'

Mr Bailey plans many more events. He said: 'Our biggest event yet was a Hallowe'en party for 3,000 and hopefully this year's will be bigger. We hope to continually create awesome memories for students visiting the UK.'


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