Branding: are you getting it right?
28 January 2015

Has your marketing team had a strong input into your centre's brand identity? How far does your brand identity extend? Is it just about the typeface and colour palette you use, or does it underpin your whole ethos?

Rita Clifton, the opening speaker at English UK's marketing conference, believes that the brand is the most important asset of any organisation, and spends much of her time travelling the world to explain why.

Described as a "brand guru" and "the brand leading the brand" in the press,  Rita has advised many of the world's leading companies on this area of their marketing, so it's a fantastic opportunity for English UK members to hear her thoughts and ask their own questions during the session. She's interested in the challenges facing the sector, and will be tailoring her presentation, Branding for Sustainability and Success, to the ELT market.

Rita was vice-chair of Saatchi and Saatchi before moving on to become CEO and Chairman at Interbrand. She is now chair of BrandCap, the brand consultancy for the boardroom.

Intrigued? She's got her own website:

Find out more about the English UK Marketing Conference 2015, including the provisional programme and bookings, held at the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel on Friday 6 February.


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