Closure of A2Z centres in London and Manchester: latest information from English UK
16 March 2015

English UK is asking all students at the A2Z language schools in London and Manchester to get in touch with contact details, as both centres appear to have closed.

English UK was warned last week that the management was trying to find a buyer for the two centres, which have just under 250 students currently enrolled. Students arriving for classes on Monday 16 March could not get into the schools, and their Facebook page says the centres have closed because they became insolvent. Attempts by English UK staff to contact management have so far failed. The centres are members of English UK, and students will be covered by the Student Emergency Support Fund if the schools go into liquidation.

Huan Japes, English UK's Deputy Chief Executive (Professional Services) said that since A2Z's management had made contact on Friday, warning that it was seeking a buyer, attempts to contact the schools to clarify the situation had failed. English UK is currently trying to establish whether or not a liquidator has been appointed.

English UK had been given a list of students, but mobile phone numbers and email addresses were not complete for each one. 

"We're working on the assumption that the schools have closed and that we will be involved in finding new places for students to complete their courses later in the week," said Mr Japes. "We are getting phone calls from students every 20 seconds. It would be really useful if they could email with their details, including mobile phone number, and we can compile a full spreadsheet.

"We would also like to hear from English UK members in the London and North groups, as we are likely to be seeking new places for these students unless a buyer does come forward over the next few days."

Students at English UK member centres have a unique level of protection if their centre closes unexpectedly and goes into liquidation: we will find places for them to continue their studies, and cover the costs of any accommodation for which they have already paid if it has not been received by the provider.

We will be updating students using the Twitter hashtag #a2z, and on our own website.

If you have any queries or have been affected by this closure please contact Huan Japes at

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