Student Interview: Juan Rafael Pérez-Vera Gutiérrez
28 April 2015

Juan Rafael Pérez-Vera Gutiérrez is a 19-year old student from Spain. He is studying general English for nine months at English UK member City of Bath College.

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What made you want to improve your English skills?

I'm going to university in September to do journalism in my home town of Seville and I wanted English to complement my certificate. It's a global language and that means I could go to the USA; I could go everywhere.

What made you choose to come to Bath?

I didn't really choose the place, it was my mother. She found this college, and heard it was very good. She wanted me to go to York but it was more expensive so she decided to put me here.

Do you like it?

I've been here for seven months out of nine, and I love it very well here.

I've made good friends from many other countries at the college and I like that. I like my school, especially the sport facilities. I want to be a sports journalist.

Has anything surprised you in the UK?

Yes, driving on the left! I had to get used to looking first to the right when I cross the road. It's a changing direction. You have to be aware.

Would you recommend studying here to your friends?

Yes, I think so. But not in the winter!

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