Destination UK: discover the UK's diversity
10 April 2016

With around 130 agencies from all over the world attending IALC's annual conference, English UK organised a seminar at the event to promote UK English language teaching (ELT). By highlighting the diversity of locations and the variety of course options available here, the session aimed to further enhance the profile of 'Destination UK' as the best place in the world to learn English.  

15 member languages centres volunteered to present 'elevator pitches', promoting in total nine different parts of the UK. With just three minutes each, the pitches had to be interesting and succinct. The presenters competed to explain what it is that makes their region unique and an ideal place to study English. As PowerPoint presentations were not allowed, pictures, videos, skits and props were all used making these presentations memorable and fun. 
We'd like to say a big thank you to all the English UK members involved in this speedy tour of (most of) the UK. 
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