English UK Board welcomes EU survey findings
25 April 2016

English UK's Board is delighted with the result of a member survey on the referendum, which confirmed that over 75 per cent believe remaining in the EU is best for business.

"This is great news," said Steve Phillips, Chair of the Board. "We've been hearing from our partners and colleagues in Europe as the Referendum debate has continued, asking what the English UK position is on this and encouraging us to speak up for the valuable business and cultural partnership we share and enjoy.

"The English UK Board represents the full range of UK ELT, and we were all delighted that the survey confirmed our view of the value of the EU to our membership and their business.

"From our everyday dealings with members, we had thought this was the likely view, but we're pleased to have the evidence to confirm that."

English UK's most recent student statistics, for 2014, show that Western European countries were responsible for 44% of the overall number of student weeks at private sector providers. 

The member survey, carried out during March and early April, found that just six per cent of respondees thought leaving the EU would have a positive effect on their business, with a further 16 per cent believing it would have a "neutral" impact.


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