Chinese college seeks UK university to host English summer camps
9 June 2016

A Chinese international college of a leading Chinese university is hoping to use annual English language summer camps to start a long-term partnership with the UK host university.

The camps should be from two and half to three weeks in length and held on an annual basis starting from July 2017. The participating students are 18 to 20 years old, and the camp should take place in the host university's campus.

The first summer camp will act as a pilot project to test the cooperation between the UK and Chinese partner, before investigating other collaborative projects. This possible long-term partnership will explore sending Chinese students on exchange to the UK university, joint articulation courses, joint research, etc.

If your English language centre works in partnership or as a department of a university, is interested in developing long-term partnerships with a Chinese university, and able to provide all -inclusive summer camps, this may be the opportunity for you.

Submit your proposal and costs to by 30 June 2016.


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