Japanese pop star in Torquay
23 November 2016

Risa Kitano is 31 and comes from Tokyo, where she is a well-known pop singer. She has just completed a month studying General English at English UK member Torquay International School.

Hello Risa! What made you decide to improve your English? Is it for when you go on tour?

No, it's just my hobby. When I am in Japan there is no opportunity to speak English. Some day I may want a job where I connect to abroad and need to speak English but for now my job is in music. I do perform in other countries, but in most cases they're in Asia at the moment.

Why did you decide to study in Torquay?

I chose Torquay and the school because I thought there would not be any Japanese people here. I thought if I chose a school with no Japanese people and small groups I would be able to concentrate on my English. 

What do you like best about TIS?

Everything! The students are from lots of different places and the teachers are very understanding and kind. I've made a lot of friends.

Is there anything you don't like about the UK?

No, there's nothing I don't like. It's a very good country.

Before I came here I thought English food had a very bad image but I am staying with a host family and they are always making food which is delicious. And Torquay is always sunny.

Has anything surprised you about the UK?

Yes. I was very surprised because it is always sunny and the food is delicious!

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