Changes in Business English caused by digitalisation
18 May 2017

How does the new age of technology affect business English education?

The development of digitalisation and new technologies have dramatically changed our lives, and the classroom is no exception.

The continuous appearance of new technologies makes the life of teachers and learners harder all the same. How we can tackle these issues will be discussed by training manager, consultant and ELT author, Pete Sharma at the Business English Trainers' Conference next month.

His plenary session will elaborate on the technologies, applications and online resources that are crucial for the sector. He will also discuss the way teaching changed as the digital age arose, focusing on grammar, vocabulary and language skills.

Then, after sharing practical teaching ideas that can be used in the classroom, Pete will look into some of the innovations in the field, such as Virtual Reality and adaptive learning, and how to utilise them effectively.

Pete has worked in the business English sector as a teacher, seminar trainer, teacher trainer and materials writer. He presents regularly at conferences and is a co-author of a number of books about new technologies.

Join us on Saturday 10 June at International House London to hear from industry experts and network with colleagues.


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