Italian student, Jacopo shares his amazing experience of studying English in London
15 August 2017

Jacopo Fittavolini is a 23-year-old student from Milan. He is studying general English and Ielts at English UK member The UK College of English in London. 

Hello Jacopo! What made you decide to come and study English in the UK?

I got my degree in Italy and I hope to do a Master's degree in marketing communications in the Netherlands but I need my Ielts to do that.

How did you find your school?

I found them online. I had been here for two weeks and was looking for a school in London when I found their website and Facebook page. I thought it was very good and saw different offers and opportunities.

Are you pleased with your choice?

I am enjoying my school. It's amazing with good teachers and methods of teaching. I have several friends from different countries. It's amazing - you can share your opinion and different behaviour with your friends and it's a good thing.

I like the social events they do. There are opportunities to make new friends and possibilities to speak with other groups in the UK. 

What do you like about being here?

I like everything about London - I don't travel around the UK! I love the fact that there are many new friends and you meet different cultures. 

I spend my time studying in the morning I'm in school and in the afternoon in the library - but I have different ways to enjoy it here. I like to go around the city and find different places. 

Has anything surprised you in London?

Always people run, every day and in every direction. They're all out running. It's amazing. I know it's a good thing. 

Would you recommend learning English in the UK?

Yes. It's its very good here, not just to study but to try to speak as well. I used to study grammar in Italy and never had the possibility to speak. In London I started to speak and yes, it was a good opportunity.

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