Leaked government document good opportunity to contact MPs about EU students, says English UK
8 September 2017

English UK has reassured members about a leaked government document suggesting that European citizens would all need passports to visit the UK after Brexit.

The draft document, which has been published by UK newspapers, also talks of the possibility of an English proficiency requirement for students coming to the UK.

Sarah Cooper, chief executive of English UK, has written to members about the document, pointing out that newspaper reports, and the leak itself, demonstrate major differences of opinion within the government.

"At the moment we should remain calm and use this as a welcome opportunity to open dialogue with our MPs and other opinion-formers," she wrote. She added: "I am therefore asking you to contact your MP and make them aware of the implications of the draft proposals beyond what has been widely reported.

"They are unlikely to realise that EU students make up more than half of those coming to the UK to study English, but that on average they stay just 2.7 weeks – which means asking them for passports or evidence of prior language level would be a real disincentive to study here... and [would have] a direct impact on many constituencies."

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