What is StudyWorld like? Watch our video to find out
30 July 2018

StudyWorld showcases the whole UK education offer, from universities, ELT centres and colleges to publishers, examining boards, and student accommodation providers, to buyers from around the world. If you want to find out what the event is like, watch our StudyWorld video to find out.

At StudyWorld partnerships are built, training is commissioned, deals are negotiated, and cross-sector partnerships are born.

We welcome everyone – from the smallest agencies to the largest educational tour operator – who is serious about doing business with educator providers UK.

What is StudyWorld like? Watch our StudyWorld video to find out

StudyWorld is a bustling event in the spacious and modern QEII Centre in the heart of London. You can schedule up to 47 one-to-one meetings, each 20 minutes long, attend networking receptions and industry seminars.

Watch our StudyWorld video below to find out more and get a feel for what the event is like.



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