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31 August 2018

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Bright World Guardianships

Bright World Guardianships has been established since 2000 and offers a first class guardianship service to overseas students in UK boarding schools and under 18s in Universities.

Should I open a Dog Kennels? No – it is far too complicated

The job we do as guardians is to look after vulnerable children from overseas. The work we do is like any other childcare service. We arrange care for children in other people's homes and transport in strangers' cars. The only difference with the children under our care is that they are not British, and therefore they fall outside of the UK childcare audit.

I cannot believe that in 2018 the guardianship sector is unrecognised and unregulated by any UK authority. If you compare regulation of UK guardianships to the Dog Kennel industry the results are shocking. According to our research, to look after other people's animals in a residential establishment, or even in your own home, you need to register, be inspected, and follow a long list of guidelines.

To ensure you don't fall short you must be DBS checked and cannot be offered a licence if you have ever been barred for cruelty to animals. Failure to comply can result in fine or even imprisonment. On the other hand, there is absolutely no regulation at all for being an Educational Guardian and to look after international students either in your own home or to arrange care in a host family.

It would seem that, albeit perhaps inadvertently, the authorities in this country are taking more care of dogs than they are of international students. This is why AEGIS (The Association for the Education & Guardianship) is such great news for international students and their parents. Bright World is heavily inspected; we choose to be inspected; and we pay for standards. But it is purely voluntary.

Of more than 28,000 international students at UK boarding schools - according to the most recent census from the Independent Schools' Council (ISC) - only 4,800 were taken care of by AEGIS accredited guardianship providers last year. Schools' safeguarding measures stop when they are closed during half-terms and exeat weekends, meaning the guardianship role is vital in providing seamless care. At the moment guardianship is a grey area and thousands of students are leaving the school gates into the unknown and unregulated.

The one sector that can help is the schools. The schools make the rules. I am so happy to hear about the recent partnership between AEGIS and the Boarding Schools' Association (BSA), which has more than 550 members. This is the first association that has taken on board the need for good guardianships. If the government isn't going to legislate, but the associations start to recognise the need for AEGIS, then this can only be a good thing.

Lana Foster Managing Director, Bright World Guardianships Ltd

+44 1273 835745

 20160401 C8560 PHOTO EN 655334 is among the world's largest insurance providers in international education

The New Ground Breaking Mental Health Student Support Program

According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, 1 in 5 university students suffer from anxiety or depression. For some, going away to attend university can be exciting. However, for others, it can become overwhelming.

Many international students are at a high risk for depression. In experiencing the unfamiliar, such as living independently, challenging academic courses and new social environments, international students may be surprised at the difficulty they have in dealing with culture shock. Ultimately, their new normal leads them to feel anxiety, with 30% of university students noting that stress negatively interferes with their academic performance (NCHA).

keep.meSAFE's innovative Student Support Program (SSP) by International Insurance helps students by promoting early intervention and 24/7 access to mental health support. We help students manage their mental health so they can fully participate in academic life and complete their studies. keep.meSAFE is the first support program to use linguistically and culturally matched licensed clinicians, providing your students a welcoming place where they are comfortable to seek help.

Ensure your students perform at their best by contacting the keep.meSAFE program manager, Jesse Poulin, at to learn more about this ground breaking program.

+44 1522 850297

hem logo

Higher Education Marketing

Higher Education Marketing (HEM) helps language schools attract and recruit students with customized digital marketing solutions.

With summer courses wrapping up and 2019 just around the corner, your thoughts are likely turning to your marketing goals for next year.

As a corporate member of English UK, Higher Education Marketing understands the challenges language schools face, and can provide valuable help at this crucial stage. We offer a FREE assessment that can help you gauge your current online presence, and evaluate how your school can:

  • Recruit more students both locally and abroad
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Use CRM technology to manage leads more effectively
  • Circumvent agency fees

If you are interested, simply contact me by email at or by phone at +44 7957974939 to book your free, no-obligation assessment at a time convenient to you.


Archie Pollock
Client Representative UK & Ireland
Higher Education Marketing


London Nest corpmembdir

London Nest

London Nest helps language schools and education providers find accommodation for their students in London.

London Nest helps language schools and education providers find accommodation for their students in London. The London property market is not well prepared for people staying less than one year. London Nest helps students and young professionals coming to the capital find accommodation whatever the length of stay with a minimum of just one week. We truly believe that coupling together good quality flat share & residential accommodation with interesting & innovative programmes drives demand.

+44 20 76970009

 loot 250 250


Loot are a provider of UK bank accounts to students, with a particular focus on catering for the international student market.

Loot are a provider of UK bank accounts to students, with a particular focus on catering for the international student market. Foreign students can sign up to receive a UK sort code and account number, contactless card, and banking app in under two minutes online.

0800 433 7648

Ruyang Logo Final 01

RUYANG Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd

RUYANG offers a comprehensive Guardian Service, tailored to each child.

Ruyang – A small guardianship, specialising in long-term pastoral care and educational oversight.

Ruyang is an established British guardianship, providing care and support for international students of all ages and backgrounds. We remain small, specialising in care for those children who are travelling or away from their parents for the first time. Based in Leicester, at the centre of the United Kingdom, we are ideally located, allowing to the widest range of schools and colleges.

During breaks and holidays, Ruyang students can participate in a range of social and educational activities and visits, allowing a stress-free break, and an opportunity to widen their experience of life in the UK. Alternatively, a few days' catch-up tuition might serve to strengthen progress at school or increase confidence before exams. Either way, our experienced advisors will monitor each student's progress, attend parents' evenings, and help students and parents make the right choices at the right times.

Of course, Ruyang also provides assistance with all necessary financial and travel arrangements, and will oversee health, financial and legal provision.

After fifteen years as a premium guardian service for international students in the UK, we are the perfect choice for children and students of all ages.

+44 11 62546198

 telc logo


telc stands for The European Language Certificates, offering over 80 examinations in 10 languages.

telc stands for The European Language Certificates, offering over 80 examinations in 10 languages. telc – language tests enjoy international recognition and acceptance at universities, companies and governmental institutions. Our work in test development, examination preparation and publishing aims to promote and support the values and ideas for language learning laid out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

+49 69 956246-10

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The Stay club

At The Stay Club we are passionate about providing not only an excellent accommodation and service, but also a fantastic experience in London

At The Stay Club we are passionate about providing not only an excellent accommodation and service, but also a fantastic experience in London. Each well-designed studio is equipped with an en-suite bathroom and private kitchenette with fridge/freezer, hob, and microwave. Close to the major universities and most popular attractions in Central London The Stay Club offers short and long term accommodation for students, tourists and professionals. STAY with us at the best accommodation in London!

+44 20 72677774

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