Student Weeks Data Submission name change
12 December 2018

We have changed the name of the Student Weeks Data Submission figures you provide to English UK every year. These will be known as the English UK Annual Student Data Submission (ASDS).

The annual student data submission is a requirement of membership. All English UK member centres must complete it annually to provide information about their previous year's trading.

This submission is important because:

  • It includes your declaration that you are confident in your organisation's viability to continue to trade for the coming year and that you will uphold the association's rules;
  • It is used to calculate your centre's membership subscription, British Council Accreditation UK fee and, if applicable, CLA fee. The cost for each of these three services depends on the number of student weeks you declare
  • This data is used to create the English UK Annual Statistics Report.

Your submission relates only to your English UK membership and has no connection with the British Council Accreditation UK scheme declaration.

What information do you need to provide and when?

The submission period becomes live in mid-December each year. You will receive an email on Monday 17 December containing a link to your centre's online profile labelled 'Section 3: Annual Student Data Submission'. This email will contain your centre's login details and guidelines to complete an online form.

The Annual Student Data Submission is the only section which must be completed during the submission period: Monday 17 December 2018 – Friday 8 February 2019.

The two other sections for centres to complete and amend where necessary any time during the year are:

Section 1, contact details

This section is for your centre's general contact and login details. Keeping your mailing preferences up to date will ensure that you can fully benefit from your membership and avoid any delays in receiving information.

Section 2, online profile

This section provides the marketing information used in your centre's profile in the language centre directory, the course finder and your centre's entry in English UK's printed Members' Directory.

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