Studio Cambridge's Christopher Roberts sadly passes away
21 February 2019

Christopher Roberts.jpg

The former owner of Studio Cambridge, Christopher Roberts, has sadly died aged 76.

A student of Marlborough College, Chris began a career teaching English to children in Papua New Guinea. Chris joined the Studio School of English in Cambridge as a teacher in 1972 and spend the rest of his working life there.

In 1993, Chris bought the school and expanded the school to include a summer camp provision. He also served on the ARELS council, which is known today as English UK.

Chris retired from day-to-day running of Studio Cambridge in 2004 and sold the company in 2018 to Full Circle Education Group.

Chirs leaves behind his friends from all over the world and will be sadly missed.

Danny Wang, of Full Circle Education Group, said: "During the purchase of Studio, Chris was always most concerned about the people that he was leaving behind at the school and the legacy of Studio Cambridge in the future. All of us at Studio owe him an enormous debt and at Full Circle we honour his contribution and his memory."

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