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18 January 2009

Getting the Most out of Observing Teachers with Jeremy Harmer

Thursday 19th March 2009

Following on from the sell-out session in December this popular training day is being run again. Ever since teaching has begun, teachers have been observed - and more often than not they haven't enjoyed the experience at all! But it doesn't have to be like that. Observation can be the most powerful developmental tool for observed and observer alike, as this session will show. After discussing the problems and stresses of the observation experience, participants will think of different ways of watching (often for different things) before they decide what to look for in a filmed lesson they themselves will have a chance to see. From the ensuing discussion we will reach discussion about just how good observation can actually be!

The Sexy Syllabus with Keith Harding

Wednesday 29th April 2009

British Council accreditation criteria state that "course design will be based on stated principles", that "there will be a coherent and appropriate course structure", and that "objectives, syllabuses or plans of study, methods and levels will take the needs of the student into account". But how often is 'the syllabus' just a document that gathers dust on a shelf, used occasionally as a check-list or to impress visitors, new teachers, and British Council inspectors? This session aims to explore how a syllabus can be much more than a static document, how it can be a dynamic device for course design and implementation, and an engine for exciting needs-based materials selection and production, effective course-book exploitation, and an aid for teacher development - as well as a means of satisfying British Council inspectors.

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