TAP funding – how previous participants have benefited from the grants
11 May 2019

TAP funding

International educators have the chance to attend international trade events with Government support and funding channelled through English UK.

Over 30 UK international educators have attended one of three ICEF events during the past with a £2,000 Trade Access Partnership subsidy and support from English UK as the Government's Trade Challenge Partner. The scheme is now open for applications from eligible educators, so what did previous participants, in our Education is GREAT villages at ICEF events in Berlin, Dubai, and Mexico/Colombia, think of the opportunity?

All rated English UK's support before and during the event as very good, saying that they were "very satisfied" with the programme. As the Trade Challenge Partner, we check applications, allocate funding and support both participants and other UK exhibitors at the events.

A significant proportion of TAP recipients expected to do business worth up to £75,000 as a result of their participation, with some getting bookings directly after the event.

One of these is TASIS, The American School in England, which received TAP funding to attend the Mexico/Colombia Roadshow and left the event with several student bookings. Now they are exploring other new partnerships.

Angel Lozano, director of institutional advancement, said the support he had from English UK staff during the event was "amazing."

"I had to use my lunch breaks to meet people who wanted to talk about our school but couldn't get an appointment in the schedule. I was meant to have 15 meetings but had 22 in Mexico, and 17 in Colombia.

"Roz, from English UK, was introducing us to different partners and making sure the whole environment was very professional and pleasant."

Simon Fitch, director of student recruitment and admissions, said the impact of the event was immediate. "It was a very good event, very productive and very good organisation.

"We almost certainly would not have undertaken what we did without the funding and we're very grateful for that. It was a real opportunity to expand our network of partnerships and talk with future partners and we got student interest in our school the week after the event. I think that tells you how positive and productive it was."

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