English UK Board election results: who did you vote for?
23 May 2019

Four members have been re-elected for a second and final term to the English UK Board of Trustees, with a fifth joining for a first term in this year's election.

New trustee

Catrin 78x78

Catrin Diamantino, CEO of Bell English

Catrin, who helped build EC into a global brand, is the new recruit to the board. Catrin says she wanted to join the Board to bring her expertise in global markets and sales at an important time for the industry "when we need to join together and speak with one voice to be heard and taken seriously."

Returning trustees

Rendell Mark

Mark Rendell, vice chair and CEO of IH London

Mark, who has been in ELT for 25 years, says "We now have a real opportunity to shift the public discourse about our industry and the international education sector and get a lot more support for our industry… but we need to keep on pushing."
Jane Dancaster

Jane Dancaster, managing director of Wimbledon School of English

Jane chairs English UK London and is a member of other ELT organisations, which she said gives her a good understanding of what our industry is facing.

"I'm a fighter – I started as a fighter in my early years when I went on strike in France for better pay and conditions in our language school and at the moment I think its really important we fight for the survival of the industry and international education in the UK."

p1gquKEGD6HyOtm088esdLjkphBoZ3jIsIIb8Hhz4+S1AF+PtGiKXDZeo5Tj0t1X7astEF7VAb1XGujyP4vSjPXlZLIKUAAAAAASUVORK5CYII= Nigel Paramor, principal of English in Chester

Nigel said he's a strong advocate of the regions and is unusual in that he has significant experience in both the private and state ELT sectors.

"I'm delighted to support English UK. I think that the future ahead of us is rocky and difficult and it's really important to have a strong board who will provide support and advice to members on the big issues that are facing us in the next five to ten years."

sarah Etchells 78x78

Sarah Etchells, co-owner of English Country Schools

"ELT is facing turbulent times at the moment but if we all pull together – the British Council, English UK and its members – we can see forward into the future." She promises to bring the voice of young learners into Board meetings.

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