Save time and money by meeting quality agents at the Asia Pacific Roadshow
5 September 2019

Japan and Taiwan are crucial markets for UK education. The Japanese government has growth targets for students studying abroad and the Olympics in 2020. Taiwan is also described as a "stable and growing" market by one expert and has a growing number of productive and professional smaller agencies joining the large established businesses.

Accessing such long-haul markets can be difficult and expensive, especially if you are looking for new contacts. Wouldn't it be great if you could just meet all the best agents in one room with time to connect one-to-one and informally?

Face-to-face connection without knocking on doors

Meeting face-to-face is an essential part of building strong relationships, especially when you are entrusted to give students a great, safe and supportive learning experience. Safety, and therefore trust and relationship building, are a particular priority for Japanese agents, students and their parents.

But where to start? If you already have an established network of agents, and you are confident you will meet the right people, flying out and knocking on doors can be a great way to strengthen those connections.

This can be exhausting and ineffective for those who are new to the market or looking to reach new agents. Travelling around an unfamiliar city losing time on your way from one meeting to the next, only to find that the decision maker has gone home for the day or the agency is less established than you hoped can be demoralising and unproductive.

So why not have someone else do the work of vetting agents and gathering them together in one place for you?

Serious, quality-checked agents in one room

That is exactly what agent workshops can do for you. Still, some of the larger regional fairs can really eat into your budget and leave you with only a couple of meetings with agents from the markets you are really interested in.

This is why we transformed our overseas workshops to offer our members greater focus on the markets they really want to meet. The Asia Pacific Roadshow is a time and money efficient way to recruit quality agents.

Delegates from our fairs in 2018 talked about the value for money and enjoyed how the fair was "more targeted to the market and a better chance to have quality meetings".

All agents at the event are reference checked and serious about meeting UK English language providers so you have the best chances of meeting a new partner. With up to 16 one-to-one meetings, networking lunches and evenings and two nights' accommodation for £1,795, the Asia Pacific Roadshow is great value for money.

Designed to give you time for visits and business development

The roadshow format has been specifically designed to give English UK members time to connect with potential partners inside and outside the workshops. Not only are there networking opportunities as part of the event, but you can easily plan visits around the workshop day.

What's more, simply through registering you will develop new contacts. Reach out to these new contacts and arrange visits so that you cultivate this new partnership.

Engaging with potential partners in different channels - an introductory email, a formal meeting, a shared meal and a visit to the office - is the best way to create lasting business relationships and generate business for your language centre.

Connecting formally and socially in your ELT community

There is real value in the community aspect of small events like the Asia Pacific Roadshow workshops.

Commercial director and former sales director, Tim Barker said: "I always loved the opportunity to network with agents and other educators at English UK fairs. You can have concentrated and highly valuable conversations about the market in a relaxed setting.

"What's more, you do the best business when you are having fun."

Tim added: "For me I always did my best business at events that I enjoyed. A fun event, run by good people and attended by quality UK schools gives you the best chance of a positive return on investment."

Interested in joining the roadshow? Talk to us!

If you are curious about the Asia Pacific Roadshow to Taipei and Tokyo, email our team or call on 020 7608 7960.

We are here to support our members and want to find or create events of real benefit. So do share your thoughts and needs so we can best cater for you.

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