Managing underperformance through Performance Improvement Plans with Dawn Harry
14 September 2019

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Managing underperformance can be a difficult area, often with the potential to lead to stress, anxiety or conflict for both the manager and the underperformer. A performance improvement plan that is correctly implemented can structure the management process and facilitate a successful outcome.  Through input, groupwork, discussion and roleplay, we will address the following questions:

  • What is a PIP and when should it not be used?
  • What preparation is needed before a PIP is implemented?
  • What needs to be included in a PIP and how should this be framed and implemented?
  • What sort of documentation is needed?
  • How do we have the conversations?
  • How do we minimise conflict?

 Finally, we will draft a set of guidelines based on shared experience and best practice.


The delegates will be better equipped to deal with underperformance in a way that leads to a positive outcome while minimising stress and anxiety for both the manager and the underperformer.

Who is it for?

Experience level: All

Role(s): Academic Managers / Directors of Studies / Managers / Senior Managers / Directors / Principals

About the trainer

Dawn Harry

Dawn Harry is currently the Principal at Kaplan International in Oxford.  She has an extensive background in EFL, teaching and doing teacher training at language learning institutions, schools and at university level in the Middle East, South East Asia and the UK before moving into management roles. She has spoken at a number of conferences in South East Asia on a range of topics related to teacher development and ELT teaching and presented sessions at the English UK Management Conference on Performance Management. She holds the DELTA and MA TESOL, with a focus on teacher development.

Key information

This training event is a full day workshop running from 10:30 to 17:00. Tea, coffee and lunch are provided. Participants will receive a certificate from the trainer at the end of the session. 

Book a place

Book your place on English UK's Managing underperformance through Performance Improvement Plans training. The full day session is £120 for English UK members and £150 for non-members.

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