The Prime Minister's roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions in England
22 February 2021

The Prime Minister's roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions in England

We are expecting several government announcements on the plan to ease lockdown restrictions in England over the next days and weeks with an initial statement from the Prime Minister today, 22 February, and mainstream schools in England likely to be returning from 8 March.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are following different timetables, which we are also monitoring closely. In Wales, schools are open for pupils aged 3 to 7 and colleges for some vocational students. In Scotland, pre-school, P1, P2, P3 and some secondary school pupils return to education from 22 February.


On 22 February the Prime Minister set out the government's roadmap for cautiously easing lockdown restrictions in England.


Wales' Education Minister announced on 5 February that schools will begin a phased return from 22 February.


On 16 February the First Minister of Scotland confirmed remote learning would continue for the majority and only strictly limited numbers of children and young people will return to classrooms from 22 February.

Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland has confirmed remote learning will continue until at least Friday 5 March.

We made a statement on 4 January recommending our member centres review their risk assessments and switch temporarily to remote learning wherever possible.  

Over the coming weeks we expect to:

  • Review government announcements, interpreting them for English UK members and updating our recommendations accordingly.
  • Distil any changes to government Covid-19 secure guidance for member centres and share updates through email bulletins and webinars.
  • Communicate with agents in priority markets about the situation in the UK, with StudyWorld summer (Tuesday 16 – Thursday 18 March) as an important platform. 

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