English UK governance review: task & finish group established
30 September 2021

English UK governance review: task & finish group established

We are establishing a new task & finish group to undertake a thorough review of the association's constitution and make recommendations to the board and wider membership ahead of the 2022 AGM.

The English UK constitution was adopted in 2004 and has been amended on several occasions since then as a result of either special resolutions or board endorsements. The current board of trustees has decided that a review of the rules, memorandum and articles of association and overall governance of the association would be of benefit to the membership.

The association and membership have changed significantly since 2004. The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated some existing trends and introduced new challenges. The scope of this review will ultimately be determined by the task and finish group; however it is suggested that a full root and branch review be undertaken, considering the questions of where power, authority and responsibility sit in the relationship between the membership and the board of trustees.  

The work of the group will be led by an independent chair, Timothy Blake of The London School of English. Timothy is a former chair of Arels, one of the founding associations of English UK, has several decades of experience as an English UK member and is a barrister by training. If you are interested in the work of the English UK governance task & finish group and/or would consider joining as an active participant of the group, contact Jodie Gray, chief executive.


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