Supporting Ukrainians to learn and improve English language skills
14 July 2022

Supporting Ukrainians to learn and improve English language skills

At a recent British Council international conference on a cultural relations response to the war in Ukraine, we proposed that the successful PRELIM model be used to create a number of online teacher education programmes for English language teachers providing remote classes both in Ukraine and in other European countries.

We have also asked the Department for Education to consider relaxing the requirements for funded ESOL provision in England to allow ELT institutions to offer programmes to Ukrainian and other refugees where there is a shortfall or lack of flexibility in local Further Education (FE) provision.

Currently, members in England offering funded ESOL classes must have registered with the Education and Skills Funding Agency before bidding for contracts via local authorities, a time-consuming and uncertain process at a time when there is overwhelming demand for flexible family-based programmes at different times of the day. We are also promoting the need for greater flexibility via contacts at the Local Government Agency (LGA) and Local Government Information Unit (LGIU).

BusinessLDN (previously known as London First) is continuing government talks to finalise a new employer-based sponsorship programme for Ukrainian refugees that would make the employer responsible for their accommodation and also allowing them to gain work experience. We will publicise details of this scheme once it is available.

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