British Council China Summer School Programme
14 December 2009

This is a message from Mandy Deng, Education Marketing Office, British Council China (

Greetings from China!

Thank you for your continuous support to the British Council China’s efforts to promote UK ELT sector in China, especially to our Summer School Programme which has been running successfully for nine years. Over the past few years, thousands of Chinese students enjoyed a pleasant learning experience at British Council accredited ELT centres via the Summer School programme. More importantly, through British Council’s extensive promotional channels, the Summer School programme has enhanced Chinese public’s appreciation of UK’s strengths in English language teaching.

With the market growing mature and more UK centres developing their alternative promotional channels in China, the British Council China plans not to organise our own summer school programme in 2009/10. However, we will continue to support all accredited ELT centres with information about the China market as well as about potential partners in China. We will also work closely with English UK and other UK organisations to further raise the profile of UK ELT sector among Chinese audience.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. We look forward to working with you again in the China market.

If you need any information or support from the British Council China, please feel free to contact my colleague Ms. Cathy He at


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