Supporting ELT recruitment: the next stage
18 September 2023

Supporting ELT recruitment: the next stage 

We launched the newest strand of our industry recruitment project in Edinburgh in early September by taking a stand at a general careers fair. 

Promoting the UK ELT sector at careers fairs

Huan Japes and Naadiya Rawat from English UK's membership team were joined by Greg Burrell of local member centre Fettes Centre for Language & Culture to promote the industry at an event with around 40 exhibitors in Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms.  

'It was very positive,' said Huan Japes, our membership director. 'Around 150 people came to talk to us. Most were in their 20s and 30s, with a mix of people who wanted to establish or change careers or seek temporary work, and we think perhaps a quarter of the people we saw might be suitable and showed a genuine interest in our sector. It was great to have Greg Burrell with us, who was a fantastic advocate for the industry.'

At the event, we promoted teaching positions, summer roles and CELTA courses, and we will follow up with local providers to find out if more people sign up for teaching qualifications. We will also have further discussions on potential barriers to qualification and how we can work with industry stakeholders to mitigate them. 

Local job centres and careers organisations were also interested in careers opportunities and took leaflets.  

Previously, we have promoted ELT jobs at university careers events and created leaflets for host families and careers in teaching, and have signed up for further fairs in the autumn.  

View our new web content on UK ELT careers:


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