Maurice Claypole Announced as Plenary Speaker for Teachers' Conference
16 September 2011

The Professional Services Team at English UK are delighted to announce that Maurice Claypole will be a first-time plenary speaker at the upcoming Teachers' Conference, November 12 at Prospero House, London.

Making a rare UK appearance, Maurice will break down commonly held conceptions of grammar rules and language methodologies as he expands on his intriguingly titled 'fractal' approach.  Never far from comment and controversy in the TEFL world, Maurice urges a move away from rigid grammar dogmas to embrace the ever-changing and often chaotic use and development of language.

Maurice has an outstanding record in EFL.  He has worked as an author, consultant, course developer, translator, lecturer and director.  He is the author of numerous papers and articles, and his books 'A Fractal Approach to Teaching English as a Foreign Language' and 'Controversies in ELT' have attracted praise and sparked debate.

We are looking forward to his bound-to-be engaging talk, and hope to see you there too.

Booking forms and prices will be posted on the website soon.  You can register interest by emailing


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