UKTI market visit to Mexico
21 December 2011

UKTI has identified that Education and Training is a high priority for the Mexican Government and represents one of the business opportunities in Mexico for UK Companies. In the Government's plans, education in Mexico will concentrate on five pillars: upgrading of the education infrastructure; continuing to incorporate ICT in the classrooms; vocation training; permanent evaluation and educational reform. The Federal Education Ministry is committed to reducing the urban-rural gap by investment and technological training.

Possible opportunities in the region exist for:

  • Specialized software for subject teaching in schools
  • English language training courses/material
  • Software and didcactic materias for special needs
  • Distance learning
  • ITC education technologies
  • Teacher training aids

The UKTI is organising this UKTI trade mission to Mexico in February which some English UK members may be interested in. Click here to find out more about this market visit to Mexico.


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