Raise the Roof Campaign - Your Support Needed
18 February 2010

Raise the Roof is a campaign to get a fair deal from the Treasury for people who choose to rent out a room in their home. Since 1997 (i.e. under the current government) no change has been made to the income threshold of the Rent a Room Scheme - the threshold at present is £4,250 a year; the campaign would like to see this rise to £9,000 a year.

Hundreds of MPs have been approached about the campaign and one of the main arguments against change is that they don't believe that raising the limit will make any difference to whether people rent out rooms or not. It is known that this isn't the case so if you know any one of the hundreds of people who looked at renting out a room but decided that, with the current tax limits, it wasn't worth it please do get in touch through the website below. The more evidence collected, the more that can done to get the law changed. Please email Matt Hutchinson at matt@spareroom.co.uk if you have any stories.

To read more about the campaign go to www.spareroom.co.uk/raisetheroof  - if you agree then please do sign the petition and write to your MP via the 'get involved' page.

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