British Council to publish full reports
12 October 2012

The British Council has managed the quality assurance schemes for the UK English Language Teaching sector for 30 years and the question of whether or not to publish reports has been debated many times over those years. Now that quality assurance reports are increasingly in the public domain and the demand for independent information has increased, it is important for transparency that the scheme moves towards publication. This will enable the British Council to demonstrate to agents, students and their sponsors the robust processes which guarantee and safeguard the UK's reputation for high quality ELT courses. It will also ensure that government bodies are able to appreciate the thorough and specialised nature of British Councilinspections and the excellent provision offered in all areas of the English language learning experience for international students.

The British Council appreciate that there will be detailed questions from providers about the process and procedures for publication which they will address in future communications. All inspection reports on accredited providers arising from inspections after 1 January 2013 will be published on the British Council accreditation website after they have been moderated by the Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee and sent to the provider. Providers not due for re-inspection in early 2013 will have the option to request publication of their most recent inspection reports. Reports will be published in full except for the Points to be addressed summary from the end of the report which is a working document to assist the provider in preparing an action plan for future development.


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