Student emergency support

English UK and student protection: Student emergency support and more.

The fund aims to minimise the effects of closure when students have paid fees for language courses at English UK member centres. It ensures students can complete their learning and also covers some of the money lost on accommodation fees.

Student emergency support

Accredited English language centres close down rarely, but if they do it can be traumatic for students.

English UK member centres are automatically covered by our 'Student Emergency Support' scheme which minimises the impact on students and can be a valuable selling point with agents.

When applicable, the scheme is invoked by English UK to provide emergency assistance to students affected by the closure of an accredited centre. English UK will try to help students under the following circumstances, but cannot guarantee to do so in all cases:

  • Where students whose booked start dates are more than two weeks after the school has closed, English UK will endeavour to find a new centre for them so they can complete their courses at no extra cost
  • Where students have paid for accommodation through the school, English UK will endeavour to provide limited financial assistance if the school closes unexpectedly.

As per the English UK rules, the support scheme does not provide reimbursement of tuition fees to the students or to receiving centres. English UK, its members and other British Council accredited centres cooperate to place all students affected by a closure on the nearest equivalent type of course and level, and by placing students at an alternative centre, their obligations are fulfilled.

If a student subsequently wishes to move from an alternative centre, any receiving centre is entitled to charge fees as a new enrolment.

More more information please view the FAQs for members.