Student Emergency Support

If your language centre closes

It is very rare that a language centre closes suddenly. However, if this does happen, English UK can help.

We aim minimise the effects of closure when students have paid fees for language courses at English UK member centres, so students can continue their studies.

Your guarantee

If a student has paid for a course at a British Council accredited English centre, and the centre closes before the end of their course, English UK will help find a new centre nearby so they can complete the course at no extra cost.

English UK will work with other accredited centres to find a course at the same level and for the remaining number of weeks, but it may not be exactly the same. This applies to students already studying in the UK, and those whose start date is two weeks or less before the date when the school closed.

This is one more reason why choosing an English UK centre is both a guarantee of quality and a secure investment.

English UK will also try to help students under the following circumstances, but cannot guarantee to do so in all cases:

  • Where students whose booked start dates are more than two weeks after the school has closed, English UK will endeavour to find a new centre for them so they can complete their courses at no extra cost
  • Where students have paid for accommodation through the school, English UK will endeavour to provide limited financial assistance if the school closes unexpectedly.