Top ten things to try in the UK… when it’s freezing
16 January 2009

Make the most of your free time when studying here with our series of things to do and try. Since the UK has just had the first really cold week of the winter (it is often very mild) we've started with ten things to enjoy in frost and snow.

  1. Put on lots of warm clothes, including two pairs of socks, and go to the park or countryside for a walk. You'll be amazed by how beautiful everything looks with a layer of sparkling white frost.
  2. Have a day out somewhere special. For ideas on where to go, varying from wild countryside to formal gardens, click here. Don't forget to wear layers of warm clothes and sensible shoes.
  3. Find a pub with a real fire where you can warm your hands.
  4. Sliding down snowy slopes on a toboggan is great fun - but get out there quickly as snow is rare and usually melts fast. You'll need something flat and smooth to slide on, like a tray. Be prepared to get cold and wet!
  5. Build a snowman (or a snow woman). Roll a big ball of snow for the body, and add a smaller one for the head. Add a carrot for the nose, stones for eyes and sticks for arms. Then watch it melt...
  6. Buy a traditional British hot-water bottle to keep your feet warm in bed. Chemists sell old-fashioned flat rubber bottles to fill with hot water from the kettle. You can also get a modern version which heats in a microwave oven.
  7. Drink a hot cup of tea, or a hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallow sweets on top.
  8. Try a traditional winter snack of toasted crumpets. They are chewy, holey, a bit like bread and you won't find them anywhere else. Buy crumpets from the bread counter at supermarkets or small grocery shops, and eat them toasted and buttered. For more information, look here.
  9. Go ski-ing in Scotland. For information on the resorts and snow conditions, click here.
  10. Be very careful if you are not used to freezing weather. It's easy to injure yourself slipping on ice, and it can be very dangerous to skate on a frozen pond or lake.


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